How to walk in a walking boot without crutches

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How to walk in a walking boot without crutches

How to walk in a walking boot without crutches

Crutches are the ailing support when you get any foot injury. Moreover, it is essential to use crutches. Along with a walking boot for recovery.

But it is not mandatory to use crutches. Walking boots are very beneficial for a foot injury to recover.  Plus you should know How to walk in a walking boot without crutches. Crutches take the body weight when you have a foot injury. Plus you can use the crutches alone for walking support.


However, it will not help you to heal from the injury. The walking boots have a feature to lend support to a foot injury. Even some people get hurt while using walking boots.

So there should be proper steps to follow while wearing the walking boots. Although walking boots prevent pain from any injury.

Sometimes it hurts the feet when it is not in the proper shape or size. Furthermore, some injuries don’t require a walking boot.

Plus it can be recovered without a walking boot. It can get better with using crutches for walking support. 

The appropriate way to wear the walking boot without Crutches:

So when you have a broken foot or fracture or injury around your foot. You must use the correct walking boots to help you recover quickly. However, if you don’t wear walking boots appropriately. Walking boots will be of no use. Let’s look at the correct way to use a walking boot:

  • Choose the right size: Walking boots with the right size with a snug fit are important. When you are in the process of recovery from a foot injury. Don’t wear the wrong size, and choose the perfect fit boots for your feet.
  • Similar height for other feet: You wear the walking boots for only injured feet. And the height of the boots of one foot can vary from other feet. Choose similar height shoes for other feet also. It is pivotal in maintaining balance. While walking without any discomfort.
  • Small steps for walking: While using walking boots for the recovery process. Try to walk for smaller steps while walking. Do not walk fast or perform any activity which will cause more pain.

How to Walk in a Walking Boot Without Crutches:

It is always preferable to walk with crutches and walking boots. However, some people don’t find great comfort. When using crutches as they are heavy and hard to carry. Plus, it takes the weight of the body for only some time.

Also, you have to put the weight on your upper body to use the crutches. In addition, it is not appropriate. An option to use with a foot injury.  So there are some alternatives you can use for crutches. There are a few of them, and they are listed below:

  • Go for a walking stick: This stick or cane is a good option for walking support. It is a single stick that aids support. Plus can be used as a replacement for crutches.

The good part is that they are less weighted and have a handle too. It is perfect to carry with ease plus a great replacement for crutches.

  • Take up a walker: Walkers are assembled in an identical shape. Like a wheelchair excluding the wheels. A walker is a more convenient option. To aid the support while walking rather than crutches. Plus they are budget-friendly and worth buying as an alternative for crutches.
  • Go for Wheelchair: So this can be a bit expensive to go for crutches. Still, they are worth buying as it is much more convenient. When having any kind of foot injury. They don’t cause a strain or any kind of pain which crutches usually do. The only perk with using a wheelchair is slow recovery. The foot doesn’t recover and takes time to gain momentum.


How many hours a day should you wear a walking boot?

One should wear walking boots 3 to 4 hours maximum in a day.

How do you start walking with a boot?

Place your heel in the feet area of the walking boot. Then start wrapping soft liner over your foot and leg. Place your toe fingers on the front. Then start tightening the straps to make your perfect fit. And you are ready to start walking with a walking boot. 

Why is it so hard to walk in a walking boot?

Due to the requirement of walking boots,

It has a design that is different from any other shoes. Due to the high surface. Their height difference can make it hard to walk in walking boots.

How long can you walk in a walking boot?

So, it depends on the type of injury. Or the recovery process you are following. A week or more is enough to wear walking boots.


Walking boots are great for your foot with the kind of stability, comfort plus support. The right support for recovery from any foot fracture, sprain, or tenderness. These are the most beneficial assets. 

To recover from any orthopedic injury. Also, we can use the other foot’s shoe height to aid the balance. For the body with a walking boot rather than using crutches.

These are an additional burden on you while you are using walking boots. Plus, it has proven to be the other way.

So this statement: How to walk in a walking boot without crutches. Mostly, depending on the kind of injuries or pain. Plus the capacity patients hold.

Furthermore, Crutches do give that additional support and mobility. Which are for the patient while using a walking boot.  Walking boots and crutches both work together great.

However, again the capacity of a patient is the concern. And most important, the comfort of the patient is the top priority.

If the patients are convenient to carry walking boots with crutches. Then be it this way, or it can be the other way too. As long as their foot is recovering every method is perfect.

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