How to Make an Extra Hole in Shoe Strap: Quick and Easy Tips

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To make an extra hole in a shoe strap, use a pin or a sharp object to create a small hole in the desired location on the strap.

Tools You Will Need

To make an extra hole in a shoe strap, you will need either a pin or nail scissors. Additionally, you can use Blu-Tack or a cushioned surface to protect the shoe material while making the hole. Start by placing the strap on a stable surface and determining where you want the extra hole.

Use the pin or the sharp end of the nail scissors to pierce the strap, applying steady pressure and ensuring the spacing is even. Be careful not to damage the strap or the surrounding material. Once the hole is made, you can adjust the strap to your desired level of tightness or looseness.

This simple DIY method allows you to customize your shoe strap for a more comfortable fit.

Making An Extra Hole With A Pin

Sometimes, we need to make adjustments to our shoe straps, whether it’s to tighten or loosen them. To make an extra hole, start by determining where you want to add it on the strap. Place the shoe strap on a cushioned surface or use Blu-Tack to avoid damaging it.

Then, use the sharp end of a pin or nail scissors to make a small hole on the chosen spot. Ensure that the spacing of the new hole is even with the other holes on the strap. To test the new hole, insert the buckle or fasten it to check if it aligns properly.

Making an extra hole in a shoe strap is a simple way to customize the fit of your footwear.

Making An Extra Hole With A Shoe Hole Punch

To make an extra hole in a shoe strap, start by purchasing a shoe hole punch tool from a local store or online. Once you have the tool, mark the desired location for the new hole on the shoe strap.

Position the strap between the punch tool’s jaws, aligning it with the marked spot. Squeeze the punch tool’s handles firmly to create a clean and precise hole. Finally, check if the new hole lines up with the other holes on the strap and make any necessary adjustments.

Adding an extra hole to a shoe strap is a simple process that can be done with the right tools and a steady hand.

Leather Shoe Straps

To make an extra hole in a leather shoe strap, start by applying a small amount of leather conditioner or water to the chosen spot on the strap. This will help soften the leather and make it easier to create a hole.

Next, use a leather hole punch or a pointed awl to make the new hole. Be sure to position the hole in a place that will not weaken the strap. Once the hole is made, wipe off any excess conditioner or water and let the strap dry before using.

This will ensure that the strap remains strong and durable. So, the next time you need to adjust the fit of your leather shoe strap, follow these simple steps to make an extra hole.

Fabric Or Synthetic Shoe Straps

To make an extra hole in a fabric or synthetic shoe strap, heat a pin or needle using a flame like a lighter or candle. Once heated, carefully insert the pin into the strap, creating the desired extra hole. It’s important to be cautious while doing this.

After making the hole, allow the strap to cool down completely before using or wearing the shoes. Adding an extra hole in the strap allows for a more customized fit, ensuring comfort and ease of use. Take your time and be mindful of safety precautions to successfully create the additional hole without damaging the strap or the shoes.

How to Make an Extra Hole in Shoe Strap: Quick and Easy Tips


Tips And Precautions

One of the most common problems people face with shoe straps is that they may not fit perfectly. However, there is a simple solution to this – making an extra hole in the strap. When doing so, it is essential to exercise caution and follow a few tips and precautions.

Always start with a small hole and gradually enlarge it if needed. This will prevent any damage to the strap or yourself. Additionally, it is important to double-check the alignment of the new hole with the other existing holes before finalizing it.

By following these guidelines, you can easily make an extra hole in your shoe strap and ensure a perfect fit for your footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Extra Hole In Shoe Strap

How Do Shoe Strap Extenders Work?

Shoe strap extenders work by allowing your shoe strap to pass through an extender buckle. The extender strap goes through the shoe buckle, with the shoe strap covering all except the portion used for buckling.

How Do You Lengthen Ankle Straps?

To lengthen ankle straps, you can sew a longer piece of material to the strap with holes or make the elastic portion longer. Another option is to add an extender buckle to the strap.

Can A Strap Be Added To A Shoe?

Yes, a strap can be added to a shoe by punching an extra hole in the strap or extending it with additional material.

How Do You Fix A Shoe Strap?

To fix a shoe strap, you can add another hole using a pin or a sharp object. Ensure the spacing is even.


Adding an extra hole in a shoe strap can be a simple and effective solution to make your shoes fit better and more comfortably. Whether you need to tighten a loose strap or loosen a tight one, creating an additional hole can make a big difference.

There are several methods you can try, including using a pin, a hole puncher, or even a heated needle. It’s important to be cautious and precise when making the hole to avoid damaging the strap or the shoe. By following the right technique, you can easily modify your shoe straps to suit your needs.

Don’t let uncomfortable footwear hold you back. With a few simple steps and a little patience, you can make your shoes fit perfectly and enjoy maximum comfort all day long.

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