how to clean poop off shoes ( best 7 step )

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How to clean poop off shoes

How to clean poop off shoes

Introduction: How to clean poop off shoes

The thought of How to clean poop off shoes might seem impossible, but there are actually quite a few ways to get the job done. If you follow these steps and keep an open mind, you should be able to successfully clean the soles of your shoes without having to spend hours scrubbing away at them.

Step 1: Remove the shoe’s laces.

  • Remove the shoe’s laces. If you have a lace up style, remove both ends of each lace and set them aside for later use. more information how to lace puma axelion shoes here
  • Remove any buckles, straps or zippers on the bottom of your shoe that may be holding in dirt or debris (like Velcro closures).

Step 2: Brush off any large pieces of poop.

Use a brush or cloth to remove the larger pieces of poop from your shoe. Don’t use your hands, as they will become contaminated by the mixture of feces and urine in the crevice between your toes and heel—which is why using a rag or ragdoll (the name for cleaning rags) is best if you can’t reach these places yourself. If you still cannot remove all traces of excrement from your shoe without damaging them further, then it’s time to call in professionals! Also check wash hey dude shoe here

Step 3: Mix a cleaning solution in a bowl using a small amount of warm water and gentle laundry detergent.

Once you have removed the poop from your shoes, mix a cleaning solution in a bowl using a small amount of warm water and gentle laundry detergent. If you’re using a mild soap, it should be fine to use just one tablespoon for two cups of water. However, if your shoes are really dirty or have been soaked through by rain or snowfall then you may need to add more than one tablespoon per shoe.

The key here is not to use too much detergent—it’s better to be slightly dilute than too strong! Also remember that hot water can cause damage so don’t let them sit in scalding temperatures while they soak up all that goodness!

Step 4: Scrub the shoe’s exterior with the toothbrush.

To clean the outside of your shoe, use a toothbrush and some warm water to scrub it. You can also use some gentle laundry detergent if you want to make sure that your shoes are completely clean.

If you’re using a regular toothbrush, make sure that it has soft bristles — otherwise they will scratch up the materials in your shoes!

Step 5: Use a clean toothbrush to scrub the inside of the shoe.

Now that you’ve brushed your shoes clean, it’s time to use a toothbrush. You want to use one that has soft bristles and has not been used on other items (like cleaning dishes).

Step 6: Use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to remove scuff marks from the bottom of your shoe.

If you have any scuff marks on your shoes, try rubbing them with an old bar of soap or washing them down with rubbing alcohol. But if these methods don’t work for whatever reason—maybe they’re too big or small for their size—then try using vinegar instead! It’ll do wonders for removing dirt stains from leather surfaces like sneakers and boots alike.

Step 6: Dip a clean cloth into plain water and wipe away any suds or debris you see on the shoe’s exterior.

Dip a clean cloth into plain water and wipe away any suds or debris you see on the shoe’s exterior. Do not use harsh chemicals, hot water, or a sponge to remove stains from your shoes.

Do not use toothbrushes because they can damage delicate fabrics and linings inside shoes that are made from natural materials like leather and suede.

Step 7: Continue to wipe away any suds or debris on the inside of the shoes using a damp cloth.

The inside of your shoe is another place where poop can hide. To clean this area, you’ll need to use a damp cloth or spray. Don’t use a dry cloth because it will leave behind any soap residue on the inside of your shoes and make them harder to clean in the future.

Once again, if there are any suds left over after rinsing out your shoes with water and detergent, try using another damp cloth to wipe them away as well.

Cleaning poop off shoes may seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible.

Cleaning poop off shoes may seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible.

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There are several different methods to clean poop off your shoes, and each method has advantages and disadvantages. The process of cleaning poop from your sneakers can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Wash your shoes with soap and water (if you don’t have access to a washing machine) or with baking soda and vinegar (if you do).
  • Scrubbing the interior of the shoe with an abrasive cleaner such as baking soda works best if you want to remove stains that are deep into leather or suede. Otherwise, use mild soap on a soft brush or sponge to wipe away any excess dirt before rinsing thoroughly again!


Cleaning poop off shoes may seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible. With a few simple steps you can clean your poop shoes or boots in no time at all! If you are concerned about the smell of your sneakers then feel free to put them in the washing machine with detergent and warm water on the delicate cycle before drying them off thoroughly inside out so that there is no residue left behind which could cause any other problems later on down the road when wearing them outside again too soon after cleaning them up properly before doing so

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