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Shoes Guest Post

Shoes Guest Post

Overview of Shoes Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to increase your site’s traffic or domain authority (DA). A website with a higher DA will give you a stronger do-follow backlink, but these high authority websites have high expectations and are less likely to receive your guest posts. We, therefore, recommend that you contact sites that have average domain authority. We’re pleased to announce that we’re allowing other bloggers and publishers to post guests on our website Shoe Fame. But we have some criteria before accepting any guest position. These criteria are as follows.

Terms and Conditions Of Guest Post

  1. The article should be 100% unique.                     
  2.  The content must be greater than 1000 words.
  3.  A high-resolution picture for the featured image. (minimum 750 X 400 pixels).
  4.  Any other images that you want in the article with the respected sources.
  5.  The post won’t be marked as sponsored
  6. We only accept guest posts that are related to shoes
  7. We allow 1 do-follow link per article. We may add one additional link based on the quality of the article. 
  8. The additional link may be do-follow or no-follow.
  9. Plagiarized articles or spinning articles will not be accepted at any cost and the article should be in English.
  10. We do not add or put any disclosures/sponsored tags in the article.
  11. Permanent posts.
  12. Your link should link to the related site and not be related to anything illegal or an affiliate link.


Guest Post Cost

The cost of publishing an article with a backlink on our website is $40. And that for link insertion is $60. In fact, we highly recommend going for link insertion, since you will be getting backlinks from an article that already exists. 

Accept method Payoneer or Fiverr 

How to submit an article

If you’re interested in guest posting on our website. You can email us at [email protected] Or you can contact us.

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