Best KD Shoes

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Best KD Shoes

Best KD shoes

 Everyone knows about Best KD shoes. A shoe line from Nike caught all the Brooklyn Nets fans attention. Kevin Durant is likewise referred to as KD made a a hit shoe line with inside the Nike brand.. Let’s take look at Kevin Durant and his shoe line.

Kevin Durant is a super-skilled successful player in the NBA. He started his journey from Seattle Supersonics. He has won many awards such as Rookie of the year, MPV awards, All-star game MPV award, All NBA first time selection and many more.

As a rookie, Kevin already signed the second-largest endorsement deal. His spectacular skills, immense scores, his capability, his back to back championship caught Nike’s attention. And They offered him a $60 million dollar deal for 7 years. The NBA player also offered around $70 million dollars of seven years deal from Adidas. Kevin declined the Adidas offer and Stayed with Nike. In 2007, His first shoe released. The franchise already moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City Thunder.

In 2016, Kelvin moved to the Golden state warrior and Then Brooklyn nets.

Kevin’s life goal was simple. Nobody knew that his shoe line would take a big place in Nike. Kevin wore Nike’s Flight school shoes with the “KD” logo in 2007.KD shoe line has 13 sneakers collection until this day. From KD 1 to KD 13, Nike designer Leo Chang has been successfully designing every piece of KD shoes for 13 years. Impressive design and comfortable wearing didn’t disappoint Kevin’s fan. 

10 Best KD Shoes Reviews List

All kd shoes here

Nike KD 9 Elite Shoes

1. Nike KD 9 Elite Shoes

Nike KD 12 shoe

2. Nike KD 12 shoe

Nike KD 14 Shoe

3. Nike KD 14 Shoe

Nike KD 13 Shoe

4. Nike KD 13 Shoe

Nike KD 10 Shoe

5. Nike KD 10 Shoe

Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoe

6. Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoe

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Shoe

7. Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Shoe

Nike Kd Trey 5 VII Shoe

8. Nike Kd Trey 5 VII Shoe

Nike KD trey 5 VI Shoe

9. Nike KD trey 5 VI Shoe


10. NIKE ZOOM KDX shoe

All kd shoes here

Apart from those 13 shoes, we chose the 10 Best Kevin Durant (KD) shoes from the line. Let’s take a look at the 10 best KD shoes in 2021.

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1.Nike KD 9 Elite Shoes

Nike KD 9 Elite Shoes

best kd shoes ranked

Nike kD 9 elite released on June 20th, 2016. Nike designer Leo Chang designed this shoe with flyknit and zoom air technology. People who have narrow feet are suitable for this shoe. Nike didn’t change the overall cushion and Rubber from the original KD 9. But KD 9 elite is still better than others. Only the new upper material and the lacing placement is slightly different from the original KD9. Overall KD 9 Elite demonstrated great performance. It has passed the traction and durability tests. Some users with wider feet found it difficult to wear.  Altogether, The Nike 9 elite shoe is the ideal shoe for Better lockdown and grip. The material made the shoe more narrow than before. So, for people who had difficulties having a narrow foot, This is the best shoe for you.

  1. Soft cushion

         2. Better lacing placement for lockdown.

         3. Great durability

         4. The pattern helps to grip the floor.

         5. The traction is consistent.

         6. Upper materials are better than the original.

  1. Not the best for people with wide   feet.
  1. Not suitable for the dusty floor.

2. Nike KD 12 Shoe

Nike KD 12 shoe

Good shoes basketball

Nike released its KD 12 edition in 2019. KD 11 wasn’t very pleasant to the customers but the 12 edition is quite fascinating. It has translucent rubber. It has full-length Zoom Technology which makes you comfortable while playing or walking. Full-length zoom is directly below the foot. People liked the new technology on this shoe. Best for wide feet. All around it is a good shoe.

The last KD 11 edition was a disappointment for the customer but people seem to like this KD  12 edition. Overall, The KD 12 is very outstanding.

1.Full-Lenght Zoom cushioning

2.Materials are solid, Fit.

3.Comfortable wearing.

4. The traction pattern is super solid and transparent rubber

1.Full-Lenght Zoom cushioning

2.Materials are solid, Fit.

3.Comfortable wearing.

4. The traction pattern is super solid and transparent rubber

3, Nike KD 14 Shoe

Nike KD 14 Shoe

best kd shoe

This 14 edition released on 10th April 2021. It features midfoot straps and full-length zoom air cushions. Multilayer lash helps to reduce the movement of your foot inside the shoe. The materials are thicker and more premium than the KD 13 edition. The midfoot straps provide a better Lockdown for your foot. The air zoom technology has been executed. Although it looks very different from the older editions.

Overall, this is one of the best editions on the KD line. It passed all the traction and durability tests. Best for both narrow and wider feet. Let’s see the pros and cons, shall we?

Overall this new edition is one the best shoe in the market.

1.Comfortable to wear

2.midsole is stable

3.Traction capabilities are good for indoor And outdoor.

1.Not recommend for wider feet

4, Nike KD 13 Shoe

Nike KD 13 Shoe

best kyrie irving shoes

The NBA superstars 13th signature shoe released in April 2020. The full-length zoom air Strobel has snitched. The materials are lightweight and thin. Materials don’t seem like premium. The traction pattern is solid and tough. Do you know the best part? The best part is you can play indoors and outdoors with this Nike Kd 13 edition.

Nike kd 13 fantastic performances with great durability and outstanding traction. Overall we can say it is the best shoe in the line.


1.Traction is tough and goes all directions.

2.Can be used outdoors and indoors.

3.Full-length zoom air technology

4.Best cushion setups.

5.Comfortable for every size.

  1. Containment and stability need to be improved.
  2.    Do not provide enough lockdown for your foot.

5. Nike KD 10 Shoe

Nike KD 10 Shoe

Nike KD 10 Shoe

This 10th edition was released on June 1st 2017. It has a full-length zoom cushion. The cushion is different from other shoes. The traction is not as supportive as others from the line. The shoe features Flyknit technology. Some customers found to lack lateral support. The materials are good but not premium. Let’s see some pros and cons of this shoe. 

Overall, if you are not a person from a basketball background, then this shoe is just for you. But not quite suitable for Indoor playing because of traction support.

1.Full-length air cushion.

2.Flyknit upper Technology.

1.Traction support is weak.

2.Lacking lateral support

6. Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoe

Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoe

Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoe

This edition gives you the perfect fit for your foot. With its great cushion placement, The Nike zoom KD 9 helps you to play comfortably. If you want ultimate protection for your feet, then this shoe is just for you. The traction is good but not for the dusty floor. Although features are minimal, the shoe performs great. This edition is only known for its comfortable cushion. Let’s dive into some pros and cons of the NBA superstars 9th edition. 

Despite having minimum features, The shoe is perfect for every type of player. With excellent performance and Great durability test, the Nike Zoom KD 9 took the place of best KD shoes in our list.

1.Very comfortable to wear.

2. Fits perfectly.

3.Materials are premium

1.Features are minimal.

 2.Tractions are not supported.

7. Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Shoe

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Shoe

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Shoe

If you’re looking for a Good deal then this is the best shoe for you. This is a great shoe on budget. It gives you enough traction to play outdoors as well. The traction works well on the dusty floor. The cushion setup is great but the material of the cushion could be better. The overall material is premium. It is slightly Narrow and a bit long. The lateral movements are hard and don’t give you enough lockdown for your feet. Let’s see how many pros and cons we got in this budget. 

nike kd trey 5 VIII is a fantastic shoe with great performance. Budget-friendly shoe for every type of player. 

1. Traction is solid for outdoors and dusty floors.

2.Comfortable wearing.

3.Great for narrow feet.

4.Great for those who need impact protection.

1. Cushion feels mushy

2.Lateral stability needs to improve.

8. Nike KD Trey 5 VII Shoe

Nike Kd Trey 5 VII Shoe

Nike KD Trey 5 VII Shoe

We have come with another budget-friendly KD shoe for you. It has top-quality traction. The traction is solid and tough. It doesn’t collect dust at all. Because it has a budget, the material quality is not premium. Doesn’t fit perfectly and is narrow. It doesn’t give you enough space for perfect movement.

Only in this budget you’re not gonna get a premium material shoe but the features are great if you want comfort. Nike KD 5 trey VII is in the last in our list with outstanding traction performance. Customers are pleased with this budget-friendly shoe. Don’t be late, grab your favourite edition right now!!

The cushion is very soft. It makes you feel comfortable after wearing the shoe. Now let’s see if we can get any pros and cons of the product.

1.The cushion is very soft and doesn’t need a lot of support.

2.Top-tier traction ability and best for outdoors

  1. Materials are cheap.

9. Nike KD Trey 5 VI Shoe

Nike KD trey 5 VI Shoe

Nike KD trey 5 VI Shoe

It is a great shoe with a perfect fit. It hugs your feet and gives you enough comfort to wear all day. Nike KD trey 5 VI has a very soft and comfortable cushion. Customers are satisfied with its traction capability. Patterns grip the floor tightly and the traction works on the dusty floor as well. It protects your knees and muscles during landing. Moreover, KD trey 5 VI is so stylish and trendy that you can style it with any outfit. Sometimes the shoe doesn’t give you enough support to your ankle which can cause injury. 

Overall, The Nike KD trey 5 VI is perfect for everyday use. Furthermore, customers are pleased with its performance. If you want stylish basketball sneakers for everyday use then this is for you.

Let’s see how many pros and cons we get from this pair of shoe.

1.Best for indoor and outdoor gameplay.

2.Stylish and elegant to match with any outfit.

3.Best for everyday wear.

4.Protect your knees and muscles during gameplay.

5.Traction is modified with thick grooves.

6.Hugs your feet.

1.Didn’t need the midfoot trap.

2.Doesn’t give your ankle enough Support.


This edition is built with a fly knit upper. The fly knit material is lightweight and breathable. The cushion placement is nice and comfortable. Materials are not as premium as they should be. But the shoe is incredibly comfortable to wear. It is a good shoe for wide feet. The traction is pretty nice but it doesn’t play well outdoors. This shoe is 10th on our list but it is pretty reasonable and works very well. 

Have a look at the pros and the cons.

1.Best for indoor and outdoor gameplay.

2.Stylish and elegant to match with any outfit.

3.Best for everyday wear.

4.Cushion is soft and comfortable.

5.Protect your knees and muscles during gameplay.

6.Traction is modified with thick grooves.

7.Hugs your feet.

1.Didn’t need the midfoot trap.

2.Doesn’t give your ankle enough Support.

It is quite confusing while buying basketball shoes. We often don’t know the things we should be concerned about before buying basketball sneakers. That’s why we are here to let you know 10 Things to know before buying a basketball shoe. 

10 things to know before buying best kevin durant shoes

The main 3 factors are:

1.Upper sole: The upper material is very important while buying your shoe. You have to see whether it is breathable or not. Make sure it is made with the right material. It depends on your comforts whether you need Stability or flexibility. Make sure the upper fits comfortably.

2.Midsole materials: Most of the basketball shoe’s midsole made with EVA midsole. The midsole part comes with cushion placement. Often players had to run miles away and if the midsole part is not comfortable enough, they can not run easily.

3.Outsole material: The outsole material comes with traction and grip. The materials should be solid to have a tight grip on the floor. Basketball players have to run very fast and they have to turn back very quickly. If the traction capability is not good enough they might fall. The material is rubber. The traction should work outdoors and indoors as well.

There are 7 more things people are aware of while buying Best Kevin Durant Basketball Shoes. They are





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No wonder why Nike Best KD shoe line is ranking top right now. Everyone is a fan of this impressive shoe collection Nike is giving us.  Being a superstar of the NBA,Kevin Durant is giving us a lot more than only championship awards. From 2007 to 2021, KD shoe is dropping extraordinary features day by day. With the outstanding performance of the shoe, comfortable wearing, Perfect for indoor and outdoor, top-tier traction quality, The Kd shoe line is leaving everyone behind. From Seattle Supersonics to Brooklyn nets and Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant is giving his best to the line and the NBA. Don’t forget to grab these outstanding sneakers of your choice. Leave a comment on which edition you liked the most.

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