Best Jeans To Wear With Cowboy Boots (2022)

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Best Jeans to Wear with Cowboy Boots

Best Jeans To Wear With Cowboy Boots

The Western-style riding boot is super stylish and gorgeous. Those boots are common to us due to pop culture. Many famous actors have worn it while portraying their characters in western films. On the other hand, jeans are usually very common stuff around the world, especially among the young generation.

There are many types of jeans to wear. However, cowboy jeans are the most extraordinary jeans of them all. Many people don’t have any idea what kind of jeans to wear with cowboy boots. In this article, we are going to discuss it. We’ll talk about the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots. Let’s jump on the discussion.

Top 9 Best Jeans To Wear With Cowboy Boots List (comparison table)

Womens wrangler retro mae jeans

1. Women's wrangler retro mae jeans

Out Rating - 5.0/5.0
Ariat M4 Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans

2. Ariat M4 Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Out Rating - 4.9/5.0
Mens wrangler cowboy cut jeans

3. Men's wrangler cowboy cut jeans

Out Rating - 4.8/5.0
Wrangler Womens Western Stretch Boot Cut Jean

4. Wrangler Women's Western Stretch Boot Cut Jean

Out Rating - 4.7/5.0
Mens wrangler fr jeans

5.Mens wrangler fr jeans

Out Rating - 4.6/5.0
Lucky Brand Mens 367 Vintage Bootcut Jean

6. Lucky Brand Men's 367 Vintage Bootcut Jean

Out Rating - 4.5/5.0
Cool Vantage Vintage Boot Cut Jean

7. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Women's Fr Cool Vantage Vintage Boot Cut Jean

Out Rating - 4.4/5.0
Levis mens 527 slim boot cut jeans

8. Levi's men's 527 slim boot cut jeans

Out Rating - 4.3/5.0
Wrangler Mens 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jean

9. Wrangler Men's 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jean

Out Rating - 4.2/5.0

Best jeans for cowboy boots Reviews

Truth to be told, we’re not interested in making any goddamn speeches at all! We’ll talk about the pure jeans only that will suit with cowboy boots! Trust us! Based on our deep research and criteria, we are more than sure our lists will help you enormously select the right one. So, let’s begin it!

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1. Women's wrangler retro mae jeans for boots

Womens wrangler retro mae jeans

Best jeans to wear with cowboy boots womens

Out Rating - 5.0/5.0

Women's wrangler jeans review

Wrangler started their journey in 1897. By then, they were named as What. They’ve been conducting business since 1904. So, it is easy to guess that they’ve come a long way. In this long-lasting journey, Wrangler has produced so many high-quality and innovative clothing. The jeans products are super stylish, gorgeous, and hard-wearing.

Wrangler bootcut jeans for women are classic jeans. This attire is designed with a contour waistband that will be perfectly fit for you. Further, it will hug your sexy curves! With their premium standard and innovative design, Wrangler upgraded their 1947’s design and manufactured this product. In addition, the jeans are made from a durable cotton stretch blend. They are extremely comfortable and can make a big fashion statement in any program you want to attend.

Why we should choose it

The style of these jeans is fantastic. The price is also reasonable. You’ll feel comfortable as well as bring a modern, feminine avatar by wearing these jeans. Besides, they’re very much suitable to wear with heeled boots. These jeans can make your butt look fantastic too!

  • These attires are made of cotton stretch blend and they look super stylish!
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provide comfort in sitting or bending
  • Reasonable price
  • Have enough room for legs
  • Durable
  • Some complain that the pocket size and style are not so good.

2. Ariat M4 Low Rise cowboy jeans Boot

Ariat M4 Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Best jeans with cowboy boots

Out Rating - 4.9/5.0

Ariat m4 jeans review

Ariat is a highly popular name in the fashion and apparel industry. The American-based company is famous for producing superior western costumes, shoes, and accessories globally. They’ve manufactured so many authentic, stylish, and progressive products that enthralled their customers.

The Ariat men’s m4 low-rise jeans are the perfect attire for ranch and party. You’ll feel super comfortable by wearing these jeans.

Further, these jeans come with handcrafted pockets, sturdy zippers, and a radiant look. Everything is nearly perfect with the Ariat M4 bootcut jeans. The premium blend of cotton provides standard quality, while ring-spun contributes the highest level of durability.


Why we should choose it

The Ariat M4 is made of high-quality material, spandex, cotton. All of these ingredients made it super comfortable and durable. The classy design, dashing look, smart innovation, all these things made it a high-class product. Besides, the color of the jeans won’t go away even if it is washed constantly. It also uses modern technology to produce its products. Therefore, it fits very well with cowboy boots.


  • Premium cotton blend quality
  • Made by high-quality material
  • It has a partnership with high-class biomechanical research labs. So, it generally produces quality products.
  • Enough comfortable
  • It comes with an extra pocket
  • Contains a heavy-duty zipper end
  • It comes in minimal colors.

3. Men's wrangler cowboy Boot Cut Jeans

Mens wrangler cowboy cut jeans

Best jeans to wear with cowboy boots mens

Out Rating - 4.8/5.0

Wrangler jeans review

These jeans are an authentic line of Wrangler. Wrangler men’s cowboy relaxed jeans are made of high-quality material. There’s 99% cotton and only 1% spandex. These materials made it highly durable and super comfortable.

Wrangler cowboy cut jeans are a great combination of fit and price. The product was mainly designed to sit lower side of men’s waist. Moreover, this attire looks astonishing and it has a vintage shade on it. As this jean contains a high cotton percentage, you can wash it without any fear.

These jeans are highly fashionable. Further, they supply relaxation in the thigh, waist, and knee. Wrangler did a fantastic job in stitching. The stitching is impressive and they have a perfect finishing.

Why we should choose it

Wrangler relaxed jeans are very comfortable and made of cotton. Moreover, these jeans come in six different colors. As the whole thing is made of cotton, it’s easy to wash it with powder or detergent. It also has a stylish look. These jeans contain five pockets that give extra security and protection. They will look perfect with cowboy hats for sure.

  • Authentic and fit
  • Easy to wash
  • Full cotton
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • It has a great stitching
  • Very comfortable
  • The fabric is not that thick
  • Many people said it is not much durable

4. Men's wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jeans with boots

Wrangler Womens Western Stretch Boot Cut Jean

best jeans to wear with cowboy boots for skinny guys

Out Rating - 4.7/5.0

Wrangler cowboy cut slim fit jeans review

The next on our list is Wrangler women’s western stretch bootcut jeans. When you purchase stretch boot cut jeans, you will have a pair of jeans that contains a contour waistband. This mid-rise waist jeans’ waistband grabs your curves with much love! The Wrangler stretch boot is superbly fit and the bootcut design makes it more seductive. When you wear cowboy boots after wearing the jeans, you will indeed feel the vibe of original sexiness!

The Jeans are manufactured from a durable cotton stretch blend. You will feel a deep comfort wearing this attire with cowboy boots. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of tightness, as this one will provide you with enough room for movement.

Additionally, these jeans contain western embroidery. Such stitchcraft can help sit on you well. It has a classic avatar that attracts young women immensely and this is why it is one of the best jeans of Wrangler.

Why we should choose it

The most significant matter of Wrangler women’s western stretch boot is it provides a perfect space to wear cowboy boots. They’ve made this one for cowboy boots. The design, construction – everything has its unique style. It is superb jeans to wear with cowboy boots women’s.

  • It contains 99% cotton and only 1% spandex
  • No problem to wash in the machine
  • Durable cotton stretch blend
  • Flattering fit
  • Long-lasting jeans
  • Have classical avatar
  • If you are a newcomer in cowboy boots, then you should examine these jeans with those boots in the shopping mall.

5. Mens wrangler fr jeans Wear With Cowboy Boots

Mens wrangler fr jeans

Best jeans to wear with boots

Out Rating - 4.6/5.0

Mens wrangler fr jeans reviews

Wrangler men’s resistant relaxed-fit jeans are for those who are very much accustomed to wearing cowboy boots for a longer period of time. This product is always one of the hot properties of Amazon. Due to its flame-resistant nature, it has earned a special place in people’s hearts. These cowboy cut jeans can give you comfort after your long hours of work.

Further, this product is made of durable 14.75 oz cotton denim. For this reason, it will last longer and stay protected from various harms. There is also a fantastic brass zipper as well as triple-needle stitching. However, these are not tight jeans and you won’t find any complications in wearing these pants.

In addition, these are premium quality jeans and they are perfect for camping, trekking, hangout in the nighttime. All in all, Wrangler men’s FR flame jeans are perfect jeans with cowboy boots.

Why we should choose it

These slim-fit jeans have a great trait. It can self-extinguish the fire to minimise burn injuries. Therefore, these jean pants could be an excellent Christmas gift for construction workers and firefighters!

  • Medium-fade color
  • High standard jeans
  • Very relaxed-fit and versatile jeans
  • 5-pocket regular fit jean
  • Durable
  • Flame-resistant
  • Not that stylish at all


6. Lucky Brand Men's 367 Vintage Bootcut Jean For Cowboy

Lucky Brand Mens 367 Vintage Bootcut Jean

best slim jeans for cowboy boots

Out Rating - 4.5/5.0

Lucky brand mens bootcut jeans reviews

Since the 90’s era, the Lucky brand has been producing phenomenal and vintage-style jeans. Their attire has earned global recognition. Moreover, they have mastered the process of manufacturing jeans with cowboy boots. The 367 Vintage Bootcut features a 10.5″ front rise for a suitable mid-rise fit. These jeans releases in in-details with classic hardware.

These are straight leg jeans that have polished bootcut legs. The whole product is made of 98% cotton and 2 percent spandex. So, you can do machine wash without thinking. There will be no problem. It is highly durable and has a zip fly with a button closure.

Extraordinary fabrics, great zipper, and durability make it great bootcut jeans indeed. Furthermore, this is classic five-pocket jeans and that’s why it got a unique look.


Why we should choose it

The color of Lucky 367 vintage bootcut jeans is something you will notice. It will fit in your thighs, waists perfectly and provide you with deep comfort.

  • Fit quite good
  • Almost full cotton
  • Highly durable
  • High-class zipper
  • Very comfortable
  • Very thin denim material

7. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men Fr Flame Resistant Workwear Boot Cut Jean

Cool Vantage Vintage Boot Cut Jean

Wrangler Mens 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans

Out Rating - 4.4/5.0

Wrangler riggs fr jeans reviews

These jeans are for those women who are used to stay in cowboy avatars for years. Wrangler Riggs workwear can protect them from the unexpected and bring the flame to everyday life. When women are tired of work, they can find peace with these comfortable clothes. It contains triple-needle stitching and usually very hardcore jeans.

Moreover, This attire is designed with a contour waistband. The whole product comprises 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. These jeans are undeniably great in matching with cowboy boots.

Why we should choose it

This product is constructed with flame-resistant technology to reduce burning in case of fire.

  • Comfortable attire
  • It contains triple-needle switching
  • Contour waistband
  • Made with flame-resistant tech
  • Not so fitted


8. Levi's men's 527 slim boot cut jeans

Levis mens 527 slim boot cut jeans

best levi jeans for cowboy boots

Out Rating - 4.3/5.0

Levi's 527 bootcut jeans review

Levi is one of the most aristocratic brands around the world. They have experience in manufacturing premium quality jeans for over a hundred years. If you want to buy cowboy jeans, you can go for Levi’s Men’s 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Jeans. These jeans are very elegant, superior, and high-quality.

The 527’s are a slim bootcut suitable with wide leg openings to adjust the cowboy boot. The waistline is positioned below than natural waist. The slim fit jeans with cowboy boots stretch out through your thighs. Levi’s has multiple colors for these cowboy-type jeans. Most of them are dark shade types.

On the other hand, it has a large pocket containing a mobile phone or other necessary accessories. All the ingredients of this product are high-end and can last for a long time. But, it would be best not to wash these jeans.

Why we should choose it

These jeans are made of 84% cotton, 15% Organic Cotton, 1% Elastane. They are all high-quality elements. Levi’s 527 slim is surely one of the best cowboy jeans brands.

  • Made of standard kinds of cotton
  • Levy knows how to feed the customers’ needs. They are boss in manufacturing jeans.
  • Fit for cowboy boots
  • Slim through seat and thigh
  • Comes in multiple types of colors
  • Very stylish jeans
  • The sizing is not perfect
  • Some colors are not good for wash

9. Wrangler Men's 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jean

Wrangler Mens 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jean

best slim jeans for cowboy boots

Out Rating - 4.2/5.0

Wrangler bootcut jeans reviews

It’s true that there are multiple options are available for Wrangler’s jeans which are compatible with cowboy boots. Here, we’ve enlisted a product named Wrangler’s men’s 20x extreme relaxed fit jeans. People usually like to wear full cotton clothes. The reason is simple as they provide more comfort. Wrangler is leading the jeans industry for the past several decades.

The 20x extreme relaxed jean is very comfortable to wear. You can also use it casually. You can don it on weekends to hang out with friends or going to a dinner party. These jeans are fit for any occasion. The classic-cut design, first-class finishes, unique adornment – everything is great in a word.

The product is made with highly durable materials. These jeans are available in a number of finishes and washes. Further, you can also wash in a machine without thinking.

Why we should choose it

As the name said –  it is relaxed! It truly gives relaxation! The waist of the jean is spacious. The jean is not also skinny and fits completely. Moreover, the fabric is damn comfortable and it is a lighter-weight fabric which is the main catalyst behind relaxation.

  • 100% cotton
  • Fit perfect in waist, thigh
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Very comfortable
  • Can use for casual wear
  • High-end finishing
  • Price is a bit expensive
  • Durable but not that long-lasting like other Wrangler products

Buying Guide for best jeans for cowboy boots

Before buying jeans for boots men’s, you need to keep in mind a few things. Here, we are going to discuss some important factors regarding this –

1. The jeans cut

There are two cuts in jeans. One is bootcut and another is cowboy cut. Both are good in their own ways. However, it would be best if you fixed what you will choose. Before that, you need to find out which one will suit you the most. Bootcut is shaped around the thigh and hip. On the other hand, the cowboy cut is somewhat straight and narrow.

2. Color

Many people can think about what impact color can make? Well, color can actually make a deep impact indeed. If the color of the jeans doesn’t fit the boot, then you will look awkward. Dark and medium shades usually match most in such a case. The lighter version of jeans won’t fit well with cowboy boots. Dark-colored jeans, a white or black t-shirt, along a shady brown bomber jacket will give you the best look with a cowboy boot.

3. Skinny jeans and cowboy boots?

There is a trend among young gen. They like to wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots. They look good in such apparition. But, this look doesn’t fit everyone. Except for the young teens, the pair of skinny jeans and cowboy boots aren’t a proper match for adults.

4. Thickness

The fabric elements decide the thickness of jeans pants. The more thick a pant is, the more you can roam freely.

5. Fittings

If the pant doesn’t fit you perfectly, you will not look good. At first, check out thoroughly whether the jean pant fits you or not. If it doesn’t fit, then skip it.

6. Pocket Size

The pocket should be wide enough to hold a mobile phone and the necessary accessories. Furthermore, the pocket should have a classic design in order to make the jeans cool.


1. Do Cowboy boots look good on guys?

Yes, certainly. Cowboy boots are the epitome of men’s personality. There are so many Hollywood stars who have worn such boots. But, anybody also gives it a shot. It’s a real deal and every guy should wear this at least once in a lifetime!

2. How to hide cowboy boots under jeans?

This is certainly not an easy task at all. But, there’s one idea that is pretty much simple. You can buy shorter jeans to see that the extra length can cover them. Try this way. I’ve tried and got the result. Let’s check it out.

3. How to wear cowboy boots with jeans?

Actually, the heel of the cowboy boots should be over an inch gap. If you like to wear shorter jeans to show your boots, have the fixed rest directly over the instep of your cowboy boots.

4. What Accessories to Wear with Cowboy Boots?

Do you have a plan to upgrade your style with cowboy boots? You can style in much significant way with some stylish accessories. Here, we are recommending to you some of the fancy stuff that will enhance your look. Ornamental boot chains with metal Conchos, horse riding spurs, metal toe tips, etc., can enrich your look. Except for that, some common accessories like – casual shirts, jackets, belts, hats, etc. will definitely match perfectly with cowboy boots.

5. Can you wear straight jeans with cowboy boots?

Of course, you can. Straight leg jeans are a great option to wear with cowboy boots. They will give a masculine look. But, you should be careful about leg opening. Overall, the construction and design of the cowboy boots match well with straight jeans.

6. What color jeans go with cowboy boots?

Mostly dark and shady-type colors go well with cowboy boots. Yes, you can wear lighter jeans too, but they won’t match well. Dark-colored jeans and a white/yellow t-shirt along with a grey/brown bomber jacket will fit perfectly with cowboy boots.

7. Is it bad to wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots?

No, not like that. Nowadays, time has been changed. Cowboy boots come with in-detail ever than before. Therefore, the combination of skinny jeans with cowboy boots has become a common thing. The most notable matter is that you will get an option to fold your skinny jeans to show off your magnificent boot.

8. How to wear a boot with jeans?

Fold the under parts of the jeans and place them in the above place of the boot. You are good to go!

Final Words

This is not a challenging task to choose perfect jeans, not at all. In order to find the best jeans, you need to think carefully. In this article, we’ve shown you the top-rated jeans of modern times. The jeans will match significantly with your cowboy boots if you choose wisely. Jeans can bring trouble if you fail to select the right one. We’ve already seen in the discussion that selecting the perfect cowboy jeans depends on several factors.

But, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the right one in Best Jeans To Wear With Cowboy Boots. We think you’re in an excellent position to choose what will suit you the most. Moreover, we also hope you’ll be able to get the best jeans for yourself! These are the leading brands in the industry and they’ve put a lot of effort to manufacture them. Now, it’s your turn to choose! If you still have any more queries from the above discussion, you’re most welcome to do so in the comment box.


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